New Look Lawn Maintenance

Proper height is essential for healthy turf
Getting the job done on time and on budget!
Food for your landscape.
Proper water is an art...not too much and not too little.

Mow Services

Proper cultural practices can make the difference between a normal landscape and a great landscape. Mowing height, frequency,sharp blades and irrigation adjustments are all important factors that contribute directly to your lawn health and appearance.


Landscape maintenance is more than just cutting grass.  Proper maintenance includes an understanding of how each action affects other aspects of your lawn health.




Every plant species has diferent needs.  Depending on the variety they may need pruning once yearly or almost constantly.  Most customers do not realize that many "standard" practices they have always seen are detrimental to their plant's health or proper blooming.  Talk to our staff about your specific landscape preferences and together we can put together a plan to keep your trees, palms and shrubs at peak performance.


Extended Services

All of our New Life maintenance services are available with Lawn and Shrub applications and Irrigation services included.  Also available are pine straw and mulch installation and annual flower installations.  


Talk to us about how we can better serve you.  Our success is built through satisfied customers.  If you are not one yet please call us now so we can help you.


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